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Alpaca Trekking on the Beautiful Solway Coast.

About Senwick Alpaca Trekking

When we moved to the beautiful Dumfrieshire coast in 2013 alpacas were not initially part of the plan but having heard tell of their fabulous flock guarding skills we travelled to Northumberland in the summer of 2015 and brought back our first alpacas Iain and Ned, and we were instantly smitten!

It did not take us long to realise that we were completely enchanted with these amiable animals and so the search was on to increase our herd.

At that time we were investigating diversification projects and so two trains of thought collided, why not invite guests onto the farm to trek with our adorable alpacas and so Senwick Alpaca Trekking was born!

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The New Boys

In the May of 2016 bought 5 new pet boys and Domingo, Dexter, Dillion, Dougie and Dino joined the Senwick trekking team. Training began in earnest and in June 2016 we received fantastic news that we had won a Scottish Rural development grant designed to support innovative agricultural diversification projects. Our first treks began that same August and we have been thrilled with the hugely positive reactions that we have received from our visitors who have enjoyed a totally unique experience and fallen in love with our alpacas as we have.


These boots were made for walking (with an alpaca)

When you arrive at the farm you are guaranteed warm welcome from both your two-legged and four-legged hosts!

We begin with a meet and greet and an introduction to alpaca etiquette before choosing your trekking buddy and setting off on a gentle trek whilst learning about these beautiful animals. As we trek around part of our 320 acre farm, enjoy the stunning views, learn about the workings of our farm, the history of the area, and look out for an array of wildlife along the way, all whilst your Alpaca pal keeps you company and quickly becomes your best friend.

Get Set Trek

Alpaca trekking is great fun for all ages and all levels of fitness, treks can be tailored to meet your needs for a marvellous trip out! Individuals, couples, families, friends, children, Grannies, Grandpas, hen parties and everyone in between are guaranteed to be won over by our beguiling and gentle Alpacas.

Alpaca trekking is a truly unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime but don’t jut take our word for it, book today and come and see for yourself!

Book a mixed trek from £22.50  or want to have the boys all to yourself?  No problem, book a private trek . (Accompanying non trekking guests welcome on private treks)

Gift vouchers also available.

What our Trekkers think:

‘What a fantastic afternoon we had with the Alpacas and our 2 teenage children, such fun animals and a lovely trek with stunning views of the Solway and beyond‘Gayle Conaghan, 21/08/16

‘Fantastic day out with the alpacas today. The alpacas were all so adorable and well natured 10/10 will definitely be back’  Thomas King July 2017

‘Genuinely was an incredible day out, would go back in a second’. Craig Hendry March 2018

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New for 2018: Alpaca Parties!

From wee ones to grown up ones book a birthday party with a differance.  We’ll bring the alpacas you alpaca the picnic!

Courses and Events….the farming life

We also offer a variety of taster days, sessions and courses on the farm for a taste of the real farming life.  Experience a fun and different afternoon out on a taster session or maybe a more serious foray into the workings of a Scottish lowland livestock farm on one of our courses.  Check out our course page for upcoming events!




Farm Produce: Senwick Shepherds Shop

We are very proud to also introduce our high quality farm produce, from animals bred and reared on our home farm so that you can be assured of the provenace and quality of our products every time.  Whislt you are here why not pick up some delicious local scottish produce to enjoy.  Our products include free-range eggs, lamb, pork, goat and Wagyu.  Why not pick up a delicious breakfast pack (sausage, bacon and eggs), a BBQ pack (choose sausages, burgers we have…lamb, pork or wagyu, spare ribs etc), or put together a selection of what you fancy!  We also have a full range of joints and cuts from pork chop to leg of lamb take a taste of Dumfries and Galloway home for an extra special Sunday lunch! After your trek just ask to shop!


Senwick Roast Leg of Lamb….simply delicious!

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