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Alpacking our bags.....

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Alpacking our bags…..

but don’t panic we still have plenty of trekking left to do!

Six years ago (back in the mists of time when ,my hair was not yet grey 🙈) we came up with the crazy ideas to grab a bunch of alpacas (not the official plural) and to get them to take unsuspecting hoomans for a walk around our Galloway farm (is that the right way round? Hmmm….depends on which day, which alpaca and which human 😂).

Well six years is a long time in alpacatics and we have seen a huge lot of wonderful people and lots and lots of alpaca fun. We could never have dreamed that our wee trekking centre could have become so popular and attract so many people from all walks of life and all corners of (literally) the globe! Honestly can’t tell you how grateful we are for every single guest who has turned up to support our wee farm diversification. I hope that our alpacas have given you all as much joy as you have us!

New Beginnings…

Okay so why are we getting so slushy? Well after a decade on the Solway Coast we have decided to continue our adventures a little further north (all being well…and quite a bit further north), I’m afraid the details are TOP SECRET for now! If I told you I would have to…well you know! Needless to say we have very exciting plans ahead, so you will have to sit tight! Patience is, as they say, a virtue!

What now?

The eagled eyed (or just plain nosey) amongst you may well have noticed that our farm is up for sale (to facilitate said flit) but fear not for while all that crazy (stressful) grown up stuff goes on around us we will still be trekking! Thats right the show goes on, we are very much still open for business and trekking as we have been doing for the last six years. Currently the calendar remains open up until November (although this might be subject to change) we will be open as normal throughout the summer months and into September/October.

This is not the end, its just the beginning….

of something new! Our adorable alpacas will very much be accompanying us on our sojourns and with plans to introduce some girlies onto our herd we may well hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in the future! Until then the show goes on, if you have vouchers please remember to redeem them before November 2022. Keep following our alpaca adventures on Facebook and INSTAGRAM. We will keep you up-dated as we go along.

Bye for now and remember too….Keep trekking!

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