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LEADER Funding Granted!

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LEADER Funding Granted!

Exciting News we have been granted a Rural Development LEADER grant, to get trekking!

We are all set to launch this August after securing a rural enterprise grant from Dumfries and Galloway LEADER.  This unique project will be the first of its type in Dumfries and Galloway allowing members of the public to get up close and personal with these curious and gentle creatures, trekking alongside the Alpacas through the beautiful countryside of the Solway coast.  The grant will help us to invest in the basic infrastructure and digital marketing tools to get the business off the ground.

Visitors can expect to learn about the adorable alpacas, before heading off on a gentle trek, leading an alpaca buddy around the farm with ample opportunity to get to know each alpaca along the way and to take in the stunning views enjoyed from the farm that is nestled alongside the beautiful Solway coast.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks the LEADER grant will help to facilitate the design and building of a custom made website to market the business also allowing treks to be pre-booked on-line in advanced.  There will be plenty of other work going on around the farm before the anticipated August opening, such as the erection of a new Alpaca shelter, (fit for the stars of the show!), and even a human shelter in the form of a Tipi for trekkers to take a breather, and to take in the fabulous views over the Solway or across to the Galloway hills in comfort and style!

Keep checking back to keep up to date with all the goings on!

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