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Oot 'n' aboot

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Oot ‘n’ aboot

This year we have continued to expand our alpaca therapy to include visits out in the community to groups that otherwise would not be able to experiance the benfits of spending time with our adorable alpacas.  One recent trip took Nubian and Chitrika down the road to Barlochan House care home at palnakie near the town of Dalbeatie.

Alpacas make wonderful therapy animals for those who are experiancing dementia and for people who are no longer able to get out and about as they once did.  Their amiable and undemanding nature allows residents to approach them at their own pace and to build up trust and confidence.

Barlochan Care Home June

Residents enjoyed feeding the boys carrots and for those who were not able to hold a treat we were able to place some oaty alpaca treats on their hand or alongside them so that nobody missed out!

The whole home came out to meet the boys, some residents were unable to get outside but no matter, we took the boys to see them! Ensuring that no one missed out.

The joy and pleasure that handling and feeding the alpacas brought to the residents was wonderful to behold, residents are able to forget about their physical ailments and enjoy the moment, Trish Proctor, administrator at Barlochan wrote:

‘Nicola and Paul came to Barlochan House Care Home with the Alpaca’s and the residents loved them. What a treat! Thanks Guys. The residents feedback was so positive and set the happy mood for the rest of the day!!’

We had a fab time and the boys were full to the brim with carrots and cuddles!

If you would like us to visit your home or group with our alpacas, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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