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Alpaca Therapy

We offer a 45min-1hour therapy session for up to 4 people, including carers.

The objectives, needs and requirements will be discussed upon booking in order to make this a personal experience to gain the best from this opportunity.

Amazing benefits for children and adults who have emotional and learning difficulties, also for adults or the elderly suffering from Dementia.

Alpacas are just the most perfect and gentle creatures at putting people at ease. Their loving and friendly natures create an atmosphere of calm and a non-judgemental environment where vistors can be themselves in an emotionally safe place.

Alpacas amusing antics and funny ways are likely to generate laughter and joy which can be a great release for those who are often overwhelmed by their difficulties whether they be emothional or physical.

It is well accepted that touch and pyhsical contact is both important and necessary for our emotional and physical well-being.  Of course for many adults and children human touch can be unwelcome for a whole variety or reasons however the touch of a lovely soft fleecy animal is non-threatening and can offer pleasure to that individual in a way that is emotionally secure and acceptable to them.

Much therapeutic benefit can also be gained from learning to trust an animal and for those suffering from low self-esteem working with animals (this can be our alpacas or any other of our farm animals) helps to re-focus the mind away from an individuals own problems enabling that person to re-engage with the world around them, if only for a short time this can be of great comfort and emotionally rewarding.

We can arrange for tailored ‘therapy’ sessions for people of all ages either on a one to one basis or in small groups of up to four with additional careers.  We will tailor each session to suit as we understand that every therapy guest is an individual

These might be a one off session or a block of sessions where we can build on progress or simpliy consolidate work that we have done earlier. A typical session might include, cuddling, feeding and walking with our alpacas.

We can also involved some of our other friendly farm animals too, for example some guests find completing small but meaningful tasks such as undertaking hen husbandry, working with goats or lambs satisfying and rewarding.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss you requirements and prices.  Where we are unable to facilitate the pysical needs of a guest we can arrange to visit communities/groups within their own facilities, please get in touch to discuss.

Please contact us via email or the telephone to arrange therapy sessions.
info@senwickalpacas.co.uk or 01557870199


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