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Corporate Hire

We are pleased to offer corporate sessions

Whether this be team building, an away day, team bonding or a mindfullness/wellbeing day we can put together a personalised package for your company in order to focus on what is important to you. Sessions can last anywhere betewn two to  5 hours depending on the package that you choose. Please see some of our previous packages below, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Wellness Walks

2 hours trek with a picnic lunch to finsh (approx 3 hrs in total)

It is well known that a happy and well adjusted workforce is also a productive one, taking time out from the daily routine at the rockface to reload tired brains and refresh can do wonders for morale and creativity. Turn off, tune in and take stock….

Exsercise…Lets get moving

It is a well established theory that excersie can reduce stres levels whilst the theraputic nature of being close to animals is also considered beneficial in reducing anxiety and boosing self confidence.

Lets build….Self-esteem

Walking with alpacas is an instant leveller, build up a lasting bond with your alpaca as you develop trust and respect for each other (and probably a some ‘fun and games’ along the way!).

Lets…Connect with our environment

Enjoying outside space is good for the spirit and soul, fresh air, panaramic views countless sight and sounds that we simply forget about or have lost in our busy day-to-day lives help to keep us grounded in a fast moving world. Stop, take a breath and enjoy!


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