Exam stress busters!


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Set in the middle of exam season these stress-busting sessions are designed to reduce your teens stress levels, switch off from the digital world and take time to breath and relax.

Take Three: Excersise, fresh air and animals, three proven stress busters that will reduce anxiety and increase the ability to focus on those crucial exams.

This booking is for Tuesday the 21st May 5:30-6:30pm

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These treks take part in the heart of exam season, perfect the evening after or before an exam when nerves may need to be calmed or minds relaxed.

The Theory:

Research shows that physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, improve sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing the risk of stress all of which can be effected during the exam season.

The ability to touch/stroke and spend time with animals has also be shown to have positive effects on the mind and body. The body can also release endorphins that produce a calming effect. This can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve your overall psychological state.

What we will do:

In small groups (no more than 5 trekkers along with an accompanying adult (for U16) we will take a gentle walk around part of the farm before heading back to base to feed and cuddle the alpacas some more!  Allow 45min-1hour in total, sturdy shoes/boots and long trousers are best, wet weather gear if wet!

Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult please (no more than one accompanying adult per trekker), otherwise grown-ups are welcome to wait at base where we have picnic tables and a nice view!

Upcoming sessions:  2nd May, 7th May, 9th May, 14th May, 16th May, 21st May, 23rd May, 28th May. New dates released each week ready for booking the following week.