Four explore…private trek for four + 3 guests


Enjoy a private trek for four, catch up with family or friends in a private and tranquil setting, a special trek for four trekkers and up to three accompanying guests. Pssst….birthday celebration or special occasion? Let us know if you want to drop off extra treats/decorations etc.

Alpaca treks last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the pace that you set!

Our private sessions can begin at 10:00a.m or 1:00pm most days and run throughout the year – so pick a time that suits you best and click to pre-book. Payment will not be taken until we confirm that your chosen date and time is available

*Private treks are checked and booked in manually please allow us at least 12 working hours for us to respond, if you book a private session overnight for the next day this will not be seen and responded to until a reasonable hour the next morning*


Number of guests attending (Max 3)

It is always helpful for us to know roughly how many people will be attending the private sessions. The maximum guest is set to three for this package.


What should we bring?

Please remember that this is a farm, the ground can be damp and uneven, so sensible footwear is required (wellies or sturdy boots), long trousers are advisable, waterproofs or sunscreen (depending on the weather – sometimes both!) and don’t forget your camera!


Children are most welcome at Senwick Alpaca trekking, in fact alpacas have a real connection with wee ones.  However, please take into account that due to the nature of being up close to various animals children need to be calm and respectful toward our alpaca and animal friends.  Alpacas can be alarmed by loud sounds and sudden movements, children need to be closely supervised by their grown up at all times! On a full trek little legs will need to be capable of walking the distance.  We trust the judgement of parents as to whether this activity is suitable for their children having taken this information into account.

Children under 8 are free to accompany a paying adult on a trek and to share the lead rein (preferably one child per adult). Alternatively look out for details of Tiny Trekkers events, advertised on our facebook page, designed for children 8 and under.

Children and young adults 8-16yrs old must be accompanied by at least one trekking (and responsible!) adult who is in charge of them!


Treks start at 10:00a.m and 1:00pm.

For the enjoyment of other guests we can not delay the start of a trek and we can not return to the start to pick up late arrivals. Check directions on our FAQ page if in doubt ask in advance!

Cancellation Policy