A taste of farming Life….Lambing Afternoons


Hands on real life lambing experiance with whatever life (or rather sheep) throw at us that afternoon! With over 900 ewes to lamb we are bound to be busy!

Contact or call Nicola on: 01557870199 to arrange and confirm your prefered date before making a booking


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Product Description

Get a taste for life on the farm with all the excitement and thrillls of the lambing shed this spring!

Experience some of the daily routines in the lambing shed, from feeding time to birthing time! Hopefully we will see some lambs being born during your time on the farm and you will get the chance to pick our brains on all things sheep from questions about how to spot labour, common (and uncommon problems) Care of new born lambs and their mothers and expectant mothers. How to care for ‘pet’ lambs, common ailments and issues, basic husbandry and beyond. numbering, tailing, turning out, what ever else you can think of!

Depending on your time of visit we might also have new born kids and calves to enjoy too!

Perfect for anyone thinking about keeping livestock, or those who are lambing for the first time or indeed anyone who just wants to experience a few hours on the farm.   Small groups of no more than four for a personal experiance.

Start time: 12pm ending at 3:00pm
Cost: £45 per person
(Private parties of larger groups can be accomodated please ask).

For more information email: or telephone: 01557870199.

Dates for 2019:

March 7th, 11th.
April:1st, 4th, 25th

*not suitable for pregnant ladies, if you or your partner is pregnant please read the NHS guidlines about lambing sheep and pregnancy in humans*