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Senwick Shepherds Shop

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Senwick Shepherds Shop

We’re very proud to also introduce our high quality farm produce, from animals bred and reared right here on our own home farm so that you can be assured of the provenance and quality of our products every time.

Whilst you’re here trekking, why not pick up some delicious local Scottish produce to enjoy?

Senwick Shepherds Shop

Home-reared, fresh & delicious

Our products include free-range eggs, lamb, pork and Wagyu beef.

Why not pick up a delicious breakfast pack (sausage, bacon and eggs), a BBQ pack (choose sausages, burgers we have lamb, pork or wagyu, spare ribs etc), or put together a selection of what you fancy!

We also have a full range of joints and cuts from pork chop to leg of lamb take a taste of Dumfries and Galloway home for a very special Sunday lunch!

After your trek, just ask to shop!

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