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Spring Time on the Farm....

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Spring Time on the Farm….

So 2020 is certainly turning out to be a year we won’t forget in a hurry but life on the farm continues in time honoured traditions led by the weather and the seasons. Its a shame that this year we have been unable to share a Galloway spring with you in person but lets catch up with the happenings whilst you’ve been away.

Senwick Cilla

Early spring we had a wee surprise when one of our rare breed Shetland coos calved early, a beautiful heifer (girl) that we named Cilla (surprise surprise!). Those of you who have trekked before will know that we keep a small herd of these native Scottish cows on the farm. The girls are retained for breeding with the male calves being reared on for sustainable Scottish beef available direct from farm, or , in normal times, from Dumfries and Kirkcudbright Farmers Market.

Lambing 2020

Lambing has just come to a end here on the farm, we actually began in December with the arrival of two rare breed Hampshire Down lambs and we officially finished on the 4th of June! The weather has been in our favour this year with 1/3 of our flock lambing in late spring outside. We are now enjoying the sights of lambs hop, skipping and jumping across the fields in the early summer sunshine, a sight that our visitors always enjoy!

Goat Kids

Another favourite with guests are the goats and tis year we have had five kids born so far with another two nannies due to kid before too long! Goats have to be the naughtiest animals we have on the farm but when they are not eating your crop of blackcurrants (ahem!) or climbing walls they are, of course, very cute and hilarious to watch!

The Senwick pup

We are also excited to introduced ‘Holly’ the new Senwick pup, born on Christmas Day 2019 her seasonal name is a reminder of her birthday. As you know Alpacas are not too keen on dogs, so don’t expect Holly to be joining any treks but you might well see her saying hello as you make your way to the paddock.

Trekking before Covid

And of course the alpacas…well we managed to get a few treks in at the start of the year, but, if you remember it was wet, wet, wet! We now await further instruction on what comes next, but whatever happens know that we are here and ready to ready steady trek when conditions allow!

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